Its time to take a stand America. Rich Arabs have a monopoly on our oil, and that simply is illegal! I have read a variety of news articles on Fox News to back me up on this, now you need to back me up, and my attorney, as we look to file a class action law suite to fight the powers that be!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anti-Trust Suite, Sign it TODAY!

My name is Phil Lerup. And I am an American! I am god damn sick and tired of running out of gas in my brand new Ford E150 Club Wagon. Then I started thinking, damn it, I am American. I beleive in my constitutional rights, and the fact I cannot drive with these god damn prices creates abnormal infuration. Which is why I knew what I had to do.
That is enaction of my physical inalienable rights . Together, today, join me as I use my freedom of speech, combined with anti-trust joint action law action, to form the Alliance of the willing against Rich Arabs, who continue to hold way too much oil that rightly belongs to US(a)! I have hired a fantastic attorney named Sue Weatherton to represent our mitigation. Beleive me, she is fantastic. Thanks to her I was still able to keep my Ford E150 Club Wagon after the divorce of my third wife. So join me today, comment on this blog or send me an email and we'll go after what is rightfully ours...